New webpage coming soon!

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  • woohoooo, can’t believe it! Really great to see some progress here!

  • Great! This means the greatest music organizer is NOT dead!

  • Yes, great!
    I’m waiting… 🙂

  • Really? That’s AMAZING news! I’ve been waiting for years…literally years. (MEXP is that good.)

  • I’m terribly excited… I’ve relied on MEXP for a long time, and although I’ve worked around its bugs with Vista and now 7, here’s hoping we get a version without them altogether.

    Except.. where do I download the current version from?

  • how soon means soon?

  • OMG!!! I am so so so so so made up to see that this plugin is not dead!! I love MEXP, and was just about to retire it due to sound skipping on very old version, which I believe to be a problem with new version of winamp and old ver of mexp and sqrsoft crossfader, is anyone else having this issue? please put me out of my misery, i have tried everything to find out what is wrong, replacing fans, memory hard drives and even gonna try laptop, mail me on my website – this program is the GOD and i have never found any program since to replace it!! – so glad to have you back regards Will – CTA Disco & Karaoke

  • Anders – you said you’d upload a new version in August. Nothing yet. I know you’re really busy so I don’t feel right about pressuring you, but it was so good to see the MEXP ball rolling again after so many years of nothing! Has anyone being working on the open source project? And can you upload the new version soon?

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